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Basmati Rice

Basmati Rice

Basmati rice is a type of rice common in Indian and South Asian cuisine. Basmati rice is a distinct species of rice traditionally originated from the Indian subcontinent. It is a long, slender-grained aromatic rice variety available in two types white and brown. As per the Indian Government agency APEDA, a rice variety can be labelled as Basmati if it has minimum average precooked milled rice length of 6.1 mm and precooked milled rice breadth of up to 2mm as the main parameters. India is the world leader in the production of basmati rice, which accounts for 70% and the leading exporter of basmati rice covering 65% of the overseas market.

It contains about 0.09 ppm of this flavourful chemical compound naturally, which is about 12 times more than non-basmati rice varieties making basmati rice a unique spicy fragrance and flavourful one.

Some of these include proteins, carbs, fats, fibre, zinc, copper, iron, niacin, sodium, fats, folate.

Fresh Coconut

Coconut has enjoyed one of the best modern-day comeback stories. You probably remember being told to avoid it at all costs because it’s high in saturated fat, which could harm your heart. While the commonly known benefits of coconut are that it is incredibly rich in vitamins, minerals, and calories, this is one fruit that can provide you with a daily dose of almost all essential nutrients! A coconut can be bought in many forms, either a whole which can be desiccated or milked from, oil or cream or even in the form of coconut water. All its forms serve as a rich source of nutrients, which is why you may see why health-conscious blindly trust this holy-grail food ingredient.

Fresh Dried
Calories 354 (Fresh) 650 (Dried)
Protein 3 grams 7.5 grams
Carbs 15 grams 25 grams
Fiber 9 grams 18 grams
Fat 33 grams 65 grams
Manganese 75% of the Daily Value (DV) 137% of the DV
Copper 22% of the (DV) 40% of the DV
Selenium 14% of the (DV) 26% of the DV
Magnesium 8% of the (DV) 23% of the DV
Phosphorus 11% of the (DV) 21% of the DV
Iron 13% of the (DV) 18% of the DV
Potassium 10% of the (DV) 16% of the DV
Coconut Fresh